MUSIC: Every Dream Has A Price

Been forever since I posted music here… in fact, dont think I have done so since the blue forum.

Anyway, here is my latest creation:

[u]Every Dream Has A Price[/u]

Thoughts welcome.



Yeah!!!good stuff!!! like the drum sound, this was good and heavy, really enjoyed the listen and I think the clever part was to keep it short…any longer and the repetitive arp would have become tiresome…you ended it at the perfect time.

well done…Kevin

Let me just start off by saying that about a year or two ago I went on your site and downloaded all of your metal stuff and put it on my iPod. Listened to it quite a lot and really liked your insane guitar leads, was just always enjoyable to listen to (so much so that it’s still on there!). But I think it’s all been updated since then?

Hearing this one I think you have corrected the biggest letdown of your past productions. The music was always good, but the power was lacking. There’s nothing lacking in this one at all so great work.

Thank you gentlemen! :slight_smile:

So nice to have some new music from you! Thanks for posting. I agree with comments above - some real power in this music.

Listened a couple of times. Yeah, it has some power, but it would have more if the distorted rhythm guitar was more forward. Sounded kinda mushy. Would have liked to hear a solo over it all. I was playing over it and there are all kinds of possibilities. Hated the stutter, you trying to be Bieber? The last low piano note was wimpy, also. Should have been louder like hammering the last nail in a coffin.

Don’t get me wrong, it was good. I just think it could have been better, brother. :sunglasses:

Went to your website and enjoyed everything there, great compositions and mixes.

Thanks kzarider :slight_smile:

Jeff, found your great samples for kontakt. I am looking at the Guitar samples and I should probably write you directly but just curios as to if they load as an Instrument through the add Library in Kontakt 5 or do they have to be loaded through file tab (hopefully I’ve asked this correctly). I inquire because I enjoy Kontakt organization via way plugins like Symphobia are added in ‘add library’ manner. You’re prices are great on these items & the audio demo is excellent also.

Sorry for so many random thoughts in a single post lol

Absolutely love it. Building on an “Oldfield” style riff, it develops & grows and simply draws you into the soundscape.
Excellent mix. Excellently crafted as a “story”.
More like this please.


nice production ,good rock sound, what is the effect on the lead guitar is it like a ya ya or something.

kzarider > Adding a non-Kontakt Player library to the Kontakt Libraries Tab is not supported by NI. The lib’s patches have to be loaded from the file tab - which is the same as loading them from the Libraries Tab, tho most people don’t seem to realize that.

Neil B > thanks so much!

polgara > I will be happy to answer that Q, but first you have to tell me what a “ya ya” effect is… :question:

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

like a wah wah but just sounds more human they sound german actually ya ya , :laughing: ,you find them as alternate setting in the wah setting in some guitar processors ,it sounds lightly mixed in to your lead sound ,but it`s obviously not that otherwise you would have said,but something is in there modulating the sound a bit .

Yeah - no, there’s no wah, or ya, or anything… :laughing: The modulation you hear is my playing :smiley:


I know you do production music so I guess I’ll comment from that perspective. Overall really cool stuff, as I’d expect having heard some of your other stuff over at soundsonline forum. I was expecting a bigger half climax just before the strings entered though.

Did someone think that vibrato technique is a modulation effect? D: Anyway, being an experienced shredder myself I thought the guitar was performed spot on both in technique and amp settings. A lot of people think that simple parts can sound good without a refined vibrato technique, but they’re very wrong. Takes some refinement to get a nice sounding vibrato like you’ve displayed here.

Anyway, good stuff and nice to see you posting.

It does appear that way… :sunglasses:

Thanks for the kind words. :smiley: