[music] Flow Too - desert

work in progress, theme for expanding piece,

expanded version


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Really nice feel and very nice melody but why does it reduce to more than 1 and a half minutes of arp from around 2.40…? variations on the melody at the begining would have made this piece exceptional…
you do say it’s a work in progress so maybe I’m speaking too soon…this piece has good potential…


Not some of the mix decisions I would make but maybe that’s a good thing! The “flow” is definitely there and that’s what counts.

thanx for listening anyway and it makes me curious.
Since i am always working solo ( as most of us ) it is interesting to know how and what other mixers would choose.
The possibilities are countless of course and always in a personal context and experience but exchanging views is nice and helps me finding the 'blind 'spots regarding my mixing style.
So don’t hold back and share your opinion. :smiley:

Well don’t get me wrong it’s a darn good mix and whatever samples you are using sound utterly fabulous. The dynamic contrast is a bit much I think, consider the piano note at .21 seconds, it almost made me wet myself. I would have probably reigned it in with some light compression and probably wouldn’t have had the drums quite so up front when they were first introduced.

Still, you’re a very talented dude and the music is good so that’s what counts. :wink:
The mix is good too, like you say everyone would do it differently.

I like it as a theme. Good sound. Would suggest taking some of the brightness off the bass. Also would throw some fills into the drums, as they just repeat the whole time. Agree with Shadowfax on the end, but assuming you’re building it out.

sorry for that ! :smiley:
but thanx, i did not listen to it that way. It makes me aware again of the complex process of mixing and the different way of listening you need every time. It is like listing with filters, different detail noticed every time.
It really is helpful to get suggestions like this because making music on your own also implies having ‘blind ears’ on some spots.
regards Peter

very nice ,i would love to hear it with some vocals ,but not just run of the mill vocals , somebody with a quirky edge i think would compliment it.

I like the ending, trance like! Maybe a bit of compression would help piano but its great playing on this! Also I don’t think the drum needs variation, its a good loop and seems to fit the style well maybe place them in a better room to make them warmer???. I like the mix dynamics through

Very nice Peter, worth expanding! :slight_smile:

expanded version