Music Font

“How do I install a music font in Dorico?” I recently downloaded the Sebastian font and would like to use it in Dorico, but I am unsure of the installation process.

Install json file in
Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\SMuFL\Fonts
Mac: /Library/Application Support/SMuFL/Fonts

Just double clicking on the otf file usually installs that.

Restart computer after installing.

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I tried in a lot of different ways, but I had trouble, I received this message of Error: /Library/Application Support/SMuFL/Fonts/Sebastian/Sebastian.json

/Library/Application Support/SMuFL/Fonts/Sebastian/Sebastian.json

As I never tried to do this kind of thing before, it was hard for me to understand what means a .json file, then, when I found this, I realized it has two .json files in Sebastian, one called ‘glyphnames.json’, and other called ‘sebastian_defaults.json’.

The one I tried was the second one

The json file should be inside a folder named Sebastian


My json file is just named Sebastian.json

In my case, it is inside a folder called ‘scripts’ (The glyph… one) and in ‘src’ (the other)



Did you download from here?


I am not sure, but in any way, I will delete mine and see if this one will be like yours

I just tried it. I works fine.


After I unzip it, shall I put it in the ‘/Library/Application Support/SMuFL/Fonts’? like the other I was trying, right?

Double click the two fonts to install them.
Put the json file in the ‘/Library/Application Support/SMuFL/Fonts
but in a folder named Sebastian. Create the folder if it doesn’t exist.


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This worked, Thank you!



Github can be a bit tricky to navigate.


It is very tricky, I am not used to those kinds of things

Sorry if the github site isn’t clear: the readme on the repository home page has instructions of where the JSON file is to be installed, and links to the latest releases, which include a zip file of the font and JSON file, without having to download all the other ‘source’ stuff.

I’ll see what I can do to make it clearer.

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Make installers for macOS and Windows, that’s it!

I can make an installer for MacOS, but I have no means of creating one for Windows, as I don’t have any MS stuff near me.

I use Windows 11 on my macOS Ventura, thanks to Parallel Desktop app as vmware.