Music fonts: November vs Bravura


I’m curious about the November music font, and I’ve looked at the official examples, and they look really nice. What I’d really like to see is a direct comparison with the same music with both November and Bravura, has anyone here done anything like that?


On this site you can choose two fonts and compare them with one click:

Though, it must be said, that the examples Jan has put together on his web site, while impressive, are all based on using the fonts in Finale, so the music doesn’t look very similar to how it would actually look in Dorico.

Teacue, provide a Dorico file and I’ll PDF it with November.

November is lovely, apart from the dynamics, which I think are hideous. Luckily, you can easily select a different music font for dynamics. There’s also MTF-Cadence, which is a small (but perfectly formed) subset of the most common SMuFL chars. There are a few other SMuFL-compatible fonts, mostly designed for other products, such as AloisenU for Overture 5 (similar to Sonata in appearance).
The MuseScore fonts Gootville, MussJazz, and MScore, also claim to be SMuFL compliant.

For a font to work with Dorico, it also needs a .json metadata file that describes various attributes of the font. There have been a few threads here about how to create these.

Thank you for your replies! And the link you provided, teacue, was very helpful.

I must say that Bravura is a very beautiful music font, and the results from Dorico look much nicer than Sibelius - not too mention Finale, which looks really sterile and dull to me. So it’s mot that that I’m not satisfied with Bravura, but it’s nice to try different options.