Music for an adventure film (MIDI orchestration)

Hi there,

I postet this piece almost exactly five years ago in a very early version (it was actually more of a MIDI mockup) and now in the last few weeks I’ve been working on it again very intensively. The whole thing was recorded with new and – hopefully – more realistic orchestral samples and re-arranged here and there. I would be happy to get some feedback, especially on the mix or the sound in general and what could be improved. Synthetically realizing an entire orchestra on a PC is really a science in itself (at least for me) and I must honestly admit that it took me at least two to three times as long for recording and mixing in the sequencer that for the actual composition in the notation program.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


film-composer-to-be Masoumi here :stuck_out_tongue:
how art ya lad? nice album art …it inspires the adventure part which is most prominent… like pirates… but not the grim awful ones … the fun sort. :slight_smile:
As far as DAW compositions go it is satisfactory to say the least.
it’s perfect for an adventure game though it’s overly happy composition could use a touch more drama to even it a bit… it’s just too happy to be used in something like “Witcher 3”… More like a “Shovel Knight” game. and that’s great too cause I absolutely love the Shovel Knight.
all in all ,great job man… keep them coming

Yoho Masoomi, glad you like it! :wink: Absolutuely, it’s optimistic through and through and I’ve been thinking about including a more dramatic middle part for a very long time. Maybe some menacing villain theme for an evil pirate lord or a dark and brooding treasure cave cue. But than again would it influence the basic musical structure as a stand-alone composition too much in opinion. If I should ever have the opportunity to score a thematically similar film or game project, there will be darker passages, of course, me lad! :smiley:

Nice professional soundtrack. I could actually see credits rolling downward as I listened. Good lifelike instrumentation. Thanks for sharing!