[Music] For the techno dance folks (Dylan...you out there?)

Here’s a little loop I’ve been playing with. Have some thoughts for possible vocals…needs a bridge and something to better define the chorus but I do like the groove.

Dylan, if you’re out there check this one out. Maybe we could team up on it???

All the best,


Hi Karl

For me, this is a cross between Urban cool and a very laid back Post-Mortal-Kombat chill-out party. The action ‘attitude’ is there, but without the fireworks. It’s pumped but not stoked.

I’m getting a flash of Jan Akkerman … and a host of TV action serials. But this is more modern. More electro. I am happily tickled that you have given this a robust chord progression.

I’ll be interested to see your vocal ideas, and reckon, like you, that Dylan could do great work here … I’ve always bowed down to his finesse with adjusting texture, and his sequencing of texture to juxtapose fullness with emptiness, and thus to provide a very emotional experiences of tension and release.

All the best to you as you work on this - I’m excited to experience how this progresses.
Take care