Music frame in master page enigma


I’m trying to build an instrumental part containing a version to be optionally performed with a different instrument.

So I thought that music frames and master page were perfect for this case.
In the part layout I created a new master page with a new music frame selecting only the optional instrument in the players property.
But when I create an optional version" page, the music frame remains empty.

Shouldn’t the MFrame start again by filtering the desired performer?

I’m struggling to find a solution, so any help will be welcome!

Thanks (684 KB)

Is the Flauto Terzino assigned to that layout in Setup mode?
I’m not in front of Dorico so can’t open the project just now.

pianoleo is correct as usual. :slight_smile:

  1. Add Flauto Terzino to the Flute layout
  2. Edit Master Pages to select only the desired instrument for each MP.
  3. Right click on page 7 and add a master page override for ‘optional’ so you get all the pages. Use ‘from this page onwards’ setting.
  4. Remove the page override on page 7.

Thank you so much.
I missed the key point to include all the instruments to the layout. And, of course, it makes sense… now.

Thanks again pianoleo and Craig F