Music frame, upper position


I’m tring to get my score to start lower down the page. It’s the 3rd flow (and it would be nice to limit the setting to this page). The Flow heading is currently overlapping with text above the first system.

I’ve tried adjusting Music Frame Margins in Layout options but can’t make a difference (it allows me to increase top margin only to 19.11mm which doesn’t help).

Thanks in advance.

If you want to increase the gap between the flow heading and the top of the music, moving the music frame won’t affect that because flow headings are put at the top of music frames. Instead, insert a flow heading change on that page and in the dialog, set a different bottom margin.


Hi Lillie,
This worked perfectly once. Now I’m trying to do it again, and although I’m changing the value of the bottom margin, Dorico isn’t making the change. The same happens if I try the top. The figure I insert (e.g. 22mm) stays in the LH box of the dialogue, and so does the “current value” of 12mm. What might be conflicting?

Do you have any page overrides on the page you’re trying to insert a flow heading change on? In Engrave mode, in the panel on the right, it would have a red triangle. This fixes frames on the page and Dorico won’t update them.

You also have to click OK and close the dialog before the change takes effect.

Thanks Lillie. I found there was a page override and removed it. :slight_smile:

But now when I make the change the page in the panel on the right gets a yellowy line underneath. If I adjust the top margin it gets a yellowy line on the left side. But there is no effect on the score. I am doing ‘OK’ and I’ve tried saving, closing and reopening the project. I do have a Flow heading in the Project Info.

I’ve also tried removing all heading changes and redoing the process.

(My pagination has changed for other reasons and it’s no longer really needed right now, but I want to understand the process for the future.)

Here’s information about different changes you can make to pages - note the difference between “this page only” and “from this page onwards” for flow headings and master pages.

Thanks, I hope it works when I need it again!