Music-Frames on Masterpages

I watched all the Dorico videos about the subject - I couldn’t figure it out.

I’d like to create a Master Page which I could use for all my instruments and the Master Page should have a drumkey on it so when I add the Master Page to my instruments, the drumkey is automatically on the Master Page.
I could create a second flow with a drumkey, un-link it from the master chain and insert it manually in every instrument-layout as a ‘layout-music-frame’. No problem.
My question is: could I somehow add this ‘drumkey-flow’ to a master page so that I don’t have to add it manually to every instrument layout but that it just becomes an element of my newly created Master Page?

If I create a music-frame on a master-page, I only get master-chains. If I choose my second flow (drumkey’) within this music-frame master-chain, I can’t see anything.

If somebody knows how to do it, could you please tell me the exact steps? I’m a bit desperate over here.
Buttom Line is: how do you add music-frames with written music in it on a Master Page? Where do you write the music? How do you ‘transfer’ it to the music-frame of the Master Page? I can’t see anything about that in any Dorico video.

I don’t think this is possible, because you can’t have a Layout Frame on a Master Page. It’s a bit clunky but I guess you could export the drum key as a graphic, then use a Graphic Frame on the Master Page.

yeah…thought about that, but then you can’t make changes of course. Well, ok…if it’s not possible, it’s not possible.
I’ll do it manually.
Thanx anyway… :wink: