Music help: Persian scale custom key notation

How would you notate a piece in say the Persian scale? Using the Wikipedia entry the scale in C is

Would you simply create a new Tonality system for Persian, define this for C? What order would you best put the accidentals?

Just use atonal, no key signature, and set accidentals to display as desired within measures.

Perfect Dan - thanks much that did it. Sometimes it decides to use the wrong accidental (e.g. c# in a flat world) but I think I fixed that by moving the note manually and setting the flat accidental, unless there’s a quicker way.

Another thing is this weirdness
(is there a way to display this inline?)

Technically this is correct but unnecessary, but it is a bit of a player aid. Not sure what to think about it.

You can create Key Commands for “Respell Using Note Name Above” and “Respell Using Note Name Below.” (I can’t remember if they exist by default already or if I created mine.) Some sort of “Favor Sharps” or “Favor Flats” spelling setting has been requested but currently doesn’t exist. You can modify the settings for cautionary accidentals in Notation Options/Accidentals/Cautionary Accidentals.

If you have pro you can also create a custom tonality system with a new key signature if desired.

Screenshot below and here’s the link to the manual on how to do it: