[Music] HornForHire - House For Sale - Cover

Very nice version – reminds me a lot of both Nerg and Tim Goodacre (Benign) vocally-speaking. My one crit – and it’s really just a taste thing – is that I felt the vocal was a bit too “tight” or “dry” in the opening when it’s in the lower register, as if it were recorded in a really dead vocal booth, and as a result there’s a freq that’s kind of dominating – sounds like it’s in the 200-250 Hz area

Thanks Rick and Doug.

I’ve used a very subtle delay and reverb on the vocal, perhaps it was too subtle?..

Anyway, this song didn’t make it to the final, and neither did the other… :frowning:

I’ll try again next year! :smiley:

Too bad, I thought they were both very polished.

Unlucky, that makes me wonder which entries did make it through. Do you have a link for us :slight_smile:

Here are the finalists:


Is this the love child of Elanor Rigby and Supertramp? It has that same sad, ballad feel to it coupled with the nice electric piano.

I love the harmonies. In fact, I’m jealous that I seem to be the only person who can’t get clear vocals that aren’t filled with mids. :imp: :laughing:

I also agree that the reverb is subtle to the point of being non-existent. This is easily alleviated though.

Great song!

Thanks for the listen and the comment about the harmonies, Larry! :slight_smile:
Getting a good sound for the harmonies is all about the right mic (a Rode NT1-A, in my case), the EQ and FX and stereo placement, I guess. No secret tricks or anything… :wink:

I use a Neumann (albeit a TLM103, not a U47 :smiley:) with a tube-based compressor / pre-amp combo, and I would die if my vocals ever sounded that good. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

So either my problem is in EQ (quite possible) or my nasal cavity. I have a deviated septum which causes issues for me but I am 99.9999% confident that I’m not the only aspiring vocalist with this.

I need a “Vocal EQ for Dummies” primer from one of you experts.

Well Done! A real pleasure to listen to.

Thanks John! :slight_smile: