[Music] HornForHire - House For Sale - Cover

Hello everyone,

Here’s another cover that I did for the Dutch Radio2 Top 2000 cover contest.
It’s the '70’s song ‘House For Sale’ from the Dutch group ‘Lucifer’.

Have a listen if you like:
http://www.hornforhire.com/music.html , scroll to the bottom of the page, under ‘Top 2000 Cover Contest Entries’.

The solo part was played on my new low whistle. :sunglasses:


Can’t say I know the original, but it’s a great song… and this version of yours is REALLY good Wim! I was totally captivated. :slight_smile: Great job on the arrangement and mix! I like that it’s nice and open for the first couple of minutes and even when the drums arrive it’s still relatively uncluttered - really lets the vocal shine through. Best thing I’ve heard for a while! Real nice! :sunglasses:

This has got to be a winner! :smiley: Good luck!

Someone’s been a busy boy! :wink:

This is superb Wim. Tight and dry. Marvelous harmonies.
The whistle made me think of that song about a stairway… :unamused:

And that last "share’ is simply showing off, you bustard! :smiley:

One of your best (from a lot of bests!).


Thanks Ian.
I tried hard to keep the song transparent, I’m glad it worked out. :slight_smile:


Thanks Jet! :sunglasses:

Well, I don’t smoke, so singing long notes is a breeze for me… :wink:

don’t know the song but a nice arrangement…liked the vocals & harmonies.

Sounds great Wim, I like the sparse arrangement early on, really lets your voice and harmonies come through. Great when the band comes in too. Really good work. I’d not heard the song either, only a few Dutch bands got through to the UK in the 70s and 80s, all were massive too, especially Focus and Golden Earring, as you know. A band called Lucifer might have struggled back then :smiley:

Great stuff, really enjoyable :sunglasses:

Hi ferencz, thanks for listening!

Hi Phil, as far as I know this song was never released outside the Netherlands, but if you’d like to hear the original (with a female singer, BTW) you can find it on youtube.

Golden Earring still exists and plays regularly.
Focus does not, but former members Jan Akkerman and Thijs van Leer are still active, I’ve worked a few times with Thijs. Great musician, on both flute and keyboards.

Thanks for the listen,

My entry was accepted: http://ongekendtalent.nl/contests/top2000-cover-contest-lucifer

Now I have to wait till dec 9th to see if I make the last 5! :smiley:

ya really cool opening wim, the cello sounding string was perfect, the penny whistle gave it a different sort of influence. just an excellent vocal for this, especially that final harmony, well done man!

Congrats. Best of luck too :sunglasses:

Thanks Bob! :slight_smile:

Thanks Phil! :sunglasses:

Awesome, Wim! Hope you take the top spot. :sunglasses:

Curious as to why there isn’t a wailing sax solo where the whistle parts are. Horn solos are like guitar solos, can’t ever be enough or too many. :wink: :laughing: :mrgreen:

Hi Nate,

I think the low whistle fits better in this arrangement (and I enjoy playing it).
Don’t despair, there’ll be lots of saxes in my next songs! :sunglasses:

Thanks for listening! :slight_smile:

great stuff, Wim, good luck for the 9th! :sunglasses:



Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Nice Wim, I didn’t even recognise the song untill the first refrain, shows how well I know my classics :wink:
I really like it though, great cover. I thought the intro was maybe a little too dry and could’ve used a subtle reverb, but everything else is spot on.