[Music] HornForHire - Jazz Improvisation - Minor Major

Hi everyone,

This is a new song, it started out as a test project for Cubase 5 on my new DAW.

It’s a jazz improvisation, done pretty quickly:
For the drums I used some improvisations from the EZ drummer Jazz expansion. The sounds are also EZ drummer.
Next I added an F minor 9th major 7th chord throughout the song (hence the name…), with a pad sound I made with the Minimoog V.
Then I added a bass riff in one take, no edits, played with a double bass sample from EWQL Goliath.
Finally I played an improvisation on my Selmer Mark VI tenor sax (it’s 50 years old this year! :sunglasses: ). It’s also the first take, no edits.

I made a quick mix, with some compression on the bass and sax, and some reverb and EQ.

It was fun doing this, I hope you like it too, although it probably won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. :slight_smile:

Have a listen to:

Minor Major

Go to: http://www.hornforhire.com/music.html It’s the first song under Jazz/Instrumental


F minor 9 maj 7. Didn’t Nigel Tufnel say that this chord must never be played? :slight_smile:

Good stuff, Wim. I enjoyed every bit of it - let it carry me away.

Only problem is that whenever I try to stream a file I get little intermittent pauses in the file,
and when I downloaded, that file was only 28 seconds long. I tried twice and got the same thing.
Anyone else having this problem?


streamed ok here and it was very good. I like this kind of stuff myself. I still have wayne shorters phantom navigator album. excellent improv and I’ll always love the sax, well played mate

No stream or download problems here… strange… :question:

Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

Hey bluebob,

Thanks a lot. I’m a Wayne Shorter fan myself, I especially like his soprano playing. :sunglasses:


Love it Wim! That old Selmer sounds baaaad!

Really sounds like you’re having fun on this one, brilliant mate :sunglasses:

streamed OK here…

I could listen to this all day. On a scale of 1 to 10 it’s a 12. Great mix and feel. My roots go back to this sound.
And a great big Happy Birthday to your Selmer.
This was just what I needed to start my day.


Hi Wim,

I have to be honest and say I’m…erm…not a big jazz fan (sorry)
However, I found myself listening to this from start to finish, and really enjoyed it!
The way you’ve controlled the dynamics in this is pretty awesome.

all the best

Yes, it was fun doing this. I’ll think I’ll do some more! :smiley:

Thanks mate!

A 12 eh? Thanks Michael! :sunglasses:

No problem, I said this wouldn’t be everybody’s cup of tea… :wink:

Thanks Sav! Nice to hear you enjoyed it! :smiley:

great sound !
some nice alterations inthere! Love it!
well done Wim :smiley:

Thanks Peter!

As you know the Jazz expansion of EZ Drummer is an inspirational tool! :sunglasses:

Clicking “PLay” I just get one infinitely long pause… with the message “waiting for video” :frowning:
Clicking “Down” oddly launches an embedded Quicktime player - but I at least got to listen!

Smooth and groovy Wim! :smiley: Not my genre as such but I can still appreciate great performances and good sounding mixes. I think you did a really convincing job in the drum department too.


Thanks Ian,

The credit for the drums goes to Toontrack.
All I did was cut and paste some improvisations from the EZ Drummer Jazz expansion…
Like I said, it’s a great tool. :sunglasses:


Could have sworn I responded to this the other day. :confused:

Killer chops as always, Wim. Production is great, also.

Gorgeous tone, there man (I once had a Mark VI alto – traded it on a Mark VII :unamused: ).

Great drum track, and nice improvisations. My only nit is I think the bass could come down just a tad

Hi Nate! Thanks for listening!

Woah! Well, at the time most people thought the Mark 7 would be better than a Mark VI. It turned out it was not.
It’s not a bad sax, far from it, but quite different.
Thanks for the compliment on the tone, much appreciated! :sunglasses:

OK, I’ll have a look at the levels.

Thanks for listening,

Given that the Mark VI is the all time best saxophone ever made, it would have been hard to improve upon it. The problem was my Mark VI was pretty beat up, so I bought a bran new Mark VII. Of course, the shop I bought it in in Chicago gave me a GREAT deal on my Mark VI trade in. If I recall the Mark VII had the low B-flat key as well as some added high note capability that the VI didn’t have. My VII sounded great of course. Alas, when I moved to LA to “make it” I ran out of money and had no choice but to sell my VII, which allowed me to continue on for a few months. I hadn’t even picked up a sax in nearly 25 years until this last Spring where my old High School band director was retiring and they had a reunion concert that included any alumni’s that wanted to play. I rented a fairly nice King and practiced for a couple months getting my embrouchure back into at least minimal shape. When the first song started at the concert, I was in tears – I realized how much I missed playing alto in both a concert winds and jazz band setting. I thought about buying the King and resuming my study of the sax, but for some reason didn’t follow thru on it.