[Music] HornForHire - Little Green Bag - Cover

Hi everyone,

Here’s a new recording, it’s a cover of ‘Little Green Bag’ by George Baker (a Dutch artist).
You’ll probably now the song, it’s a '60’s hit that was used in the movie ‘Reservoir Dogs’ (it’s on Youtube).

I made this for a Top2000 cover contest for the Dutch Radio 2.
They selected 5 songs to choose from and turn into something new.
I chose this one and gave it a ‘Motown-Jazz’ treatment (a new style?.. :wink: ).
There’s a prominent role for my ‘new’ baritone sax! :sunglasses:

Let me know what you think, I didn’t send the song yet, the contest closes at Dec 1st.
All comments are welcome.

http://www.hornforhire.com/music.html , scroll to the bottom of the page, under ‘Top 2000 Cover Contest Entries’…


**[Edit:]**My entry was accepted. You can find it and the other entries for this song here:
Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the entries.

I love it Wim, really do :smiley:
I don’t usually listen to Radio2 but I might do that now, just to hear how it fares :sunglasses:

Way to go Wim-o-lo! :wink:

And not one, not two…but THREE key changes!
Sounds great, a veritable hornucopia. :laughing:
Good luck with the contest.

ehaw! wim
what a toe tappin bopper, lovin it. really nice progression and the vocal follows it perfectly, almost a chicago-ish sound.
coulda jammed that sucker all night :sunglasses:
no faults that I could hear, its like…“right on man”
great tune

Usual high standard Wim, loved it. New acquisition sounds great eh? Lovely playing :sunglasses:

Thanks Rick!
Funny, I never realized you were Dutch as well! :smiley:
I also don’t listen very often to Radio2, but I do like to listen to the top 2000 each year.

Yeah, the original song changes from G to Ab and then back to G again, but I wanted to do something different.
There are quite a few '60’s songs that have multiple key changes at the end.

Thanks for listening! :sunglasses:

Thanks for checking! :sunglasses:

Hi Phil,

Yes, it’s great fun to play the baritone. :sunglasses:
I’m pleased with the sound.

I think you’re in with a chance with this one Wim! :smiley:
Sounds really good -digg’n the baritone too! Very nicely executed in fact - nice work all round !

All the best for the competition!


Great song. I would have liked to hear more presence on the vocals, i.e. they sounded a tad flat. Can you either boost the highs a tad (or attenuate the lows and mids and boost the overall signal) or (and this might not alleviate the symptom) use an exciter?

Thanks Ian!

Hi Larry, I will try this, thanks!

Wim, man, I almost like this one more then the original. All those little piano and drums arrangment. It’s a lot more laid back then the real one. I can’t stop swaying here. Towards the end of the song I have a big smile on my face, what a sunny appraoch Love it!!

When you are on the radio give us a kattebel then I will tune in!

@Strophoid: You are also from Holland! Also didn’t figure that one out. :smiley:

Greetz Dylan.

What the Hell, I play it again once more, this is really nice.

Thanks Dylan! :sunglasses:

I’ll let you know when it’s on the radio.
Let’s hope they choose this.

OK, I entered the contest… wish me luck! :smiley:

Hi Wim,

just to get into the mood of listening to a radio contest, I listened to this by plugging my netbook into my radio in the kitchen. It sounded great. Lovely arrangement and lovely playing, great song. Good luck with the comp!


Killer track, man. Sounds awesome.

Hey Steve, thanks for checking the song on the radio! :slight_smile: