Music hosting options

Hi all – long time forum member, since 1998…been away too long :sunglasses:

Question: what are people using to host their own music? I know self-hosting is an option, but I thought maybe something like Spotify or ReverbNation was a good idea given that they both have a large user base which might otherwise not stumble upon one’s music

Note: one thing I need is streaming at at least 256kps, perferably 320kps

Hi Twilightsong, it has been a while for you, hasn’t it! I think most people here are using SoundCloud these days. People who have been selling things have used BandCamp. At least that is what I have used.

Hey Early, long time :sunglasses:

I’d forgotten I’d posted this. I want to begin visiting this site again

I went ahead and signed up with Spotify, and used a service called DistroKid for handling all the legal stuff. Hopefully someday I’ll find time to actually post some tunes there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Distro kid is good and so is CD baby. CD baby gives you more vitals on your music catalog.

DOUG?!?!? Right??

Tom Z here!

CD Baby will put it on those plus over 150 other sites when you sign up.

But keep in mind the reality. People always stumble, but unless you go beyond basic signing up and posting, the stumbling will be relatively little, even if your pop song was mixed by Serban and masterd by Ludwig.

Yes, I agree, People always stumble. To break the bottleneck one should get engaged,