Music in exported mixdown that isn't in project

Last of my bug reports for today. All CB 11 Pro on Windows 10. Everything is up to date, and all bugs are on going and not just one off.
For the past few days ive been mixing a track that has a few Halion tracks, and audio.
When i play back the track in CB its fine, but when i export a mixdown i can hear a VST playing notes ive not recorded.
Its taken me a good few hours to track this down, and its because i have Apache 5 on this particular VST track. I have it on others and they are fine.
If i export the track from about mid way its fine, but i cant export the whole track unless i take Apache off this particular VST track.
Why is this happening and how can i fix it? Is this yet another Pro feature im not able to use or rely on? The list is growing and it seems its all the ‘Pro’ features that im slowly losing.


Is the Apache plug-in enabled or Bypassed? Is there the Bypass automation by any chance?

Could you share the project (just the only one track of it), please?

It is enabled, but i will admit i dont know what its doing as its not needed. I think i was going to use it and decided not to as the sound didnt need it.

If i have only that track in the project it seems fine, so ive taken out as much as i can, but left enough in that you will see the error (hopefully).
The track is voiz. You will see it stops near the middle, but when i export it it continues right to the end.
This is the track that ive posted the bug reports about this morning.

For Steinberg.cpr (2.4 MB)

Similar problem here! If anyone knows how to fix it, please, share the solution! :pray:

Hi @Davebass5 ,

Actually, it’s not problem of the export. If you play the whole song from the very beginning back, you get the very same result. You get the very same result, if you start your playback at Bar 67.

In fact, after the MIDI Part stops, you can hear the arpeggio of the F#2 and F#3 notes, (which refers to the F#2 note, which stars at 68. 1. 1. 0). If I delete all notes around and keep just the A2 ( and F#2 (, this issue appears. If I change the length of the A2 note (slightly), then it works as expected.

Ok thanks for trying but your not hearing what im hearing.
There are quiet bits in the song where i would definitely hear this happing, as well as at the end of the track before it stops. I can tell you its 100% not happening in my main file, until i export.
I have listened to the file i shared and agree with you that its happening all the time in that file.

Here is the full file, minus any audio. i have played this twice, inc solo’ing the track and it definitely stops where it should during playback.
I hope this is a better example
.Edge of Glory 128bpm-01.cpr (3.3 MB)

Hi @Davebass5 ,

I have downloaded your original CPR file. And I can definitely hear it, if I just play it back from the beginning. So it’s definitely not in the Export.

It’s reproducible at the very same place. I can even hear it, from the bar 68, it starts to sound different, because one of the MIDI Note (F#2) is hanging.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Well I’m definitely not hearing it at my end until its exported. I’d have sorted it out days ago if it was always there. This makes it even more worrying then.
Thanks for the help.