[Music] Instrumental acoustic

Cubase Artist 6 on PC (i5), UA-1000 sound interface.

I hope that you will like.


Attends-moi !!!

Pleasant enough piece. The accordian is too loud though, need to drop it a few db.
Enjoyed :sunglasses:

Yes I did! :smiley:

Nice… could be used in Season 2 of Game of Thrones during a pub scene.


The accordeon (diatonic one) is at the foreground, yes, in this style of music, it’s “leading”. But you are right it may be too much.

Season 2 of Game of Thrones

Euh… can you explain ? I post from France and I don’t know Game of Thrones but it must be nice :slight_smile:))


Thanks ! :blush:

It is a poplar TV series on a channel called HBO. Dragons, barbarians, Swords, etc.

It is really nice to hear a piece like this here.It has a very friendly and loverly atmosphere. Maybe some tips are useful, use what you think is right for you.
:smiley: Regarding the mix:
the accordion is still to much upfront in the mix, the guitar could be present a lot more, there is a lot of mid due to the acc.When the acc is used for accompanying you could mix it even more backwards, so the mix could have some more dynamics and tweaking of the eq.
Regarding the arrangement:
It is a lovely tune, chord profession is nice, but i could not whistle the tune afterwards. The rhythmic pattern of acc,guitar and percussion are alike, the triangle is great to use but not every time so you can expect it. It would be nice to hear the acc play a line you could hum or whistle along with.There is enough melody to find in these chords.
Would be nice to hear some more ideas on this one.
regards peter

Hi Desert, thank you very much for your advice which I fully understand.

i could not whistle the tune afterwards.

It’s clear, there is no “gimmick” inside this tune. I just wanted the “ambiance”, to make feel some sadness.

If you want something easier to retain, you can listen to this, it has been composed and played by my wife who plays in the band with me. But I must warn you, she does not like to record with the “metronome” (ticks) and wanted something very “roots” in the sound. So we have recorded face to face, in “one shot”. By the way, the theme of this mazurka is very easy to retain and whistle… :slight_smile:. Cubase 6 Artist, 2xOktava MK012-01 for the guitar, AKG C516 for the accordeon. Very little sound EQ and comp, Ozone 4 on the master.

Listened to your posted tune as well as to the second one in the link you provided.

I agree that your main post tune is nice but not particularly memorable, and this is
of great importance (I think) if you classify your music as “folk”.

On a technical side, I might say the accordian could benefit from a little shaving off of the
top end, just a gentle roll-off.



I thought it was quite nice, and I’m sure it’s a real accordian. It DOES sound like a tune you’d hear while playing World of Warcraft (which has excellent music, BTW)

I’m sure it’s a real accordian

It IS !

Thanks to all for your advices.