[Music] Let It Snow! (Jazzy cover)

For those of you who don’t know, every year my oldest daughter, Sara, and I produce a Christmas song that we send to the masses of friends and acquaintances. Logistics this year have prevented us from producing one before Christmas (but we will be doing one shortly after unless schedules screw us up), but I still wanted to release something beforehand. The result is a jazz take on Let It Snow!

Vocals (TLM103) -> Mindprint EnVoice MKII -> Focusrite Scarlet 18i8 -> Cubase 6.5.5
Guitar (1981 Ibanez Artist) -> Mindprint -> Focusrite -> Cubase
Bass (2004 Fender Jazz) -> Mindprint -> Focusrite -> Cubase

FabFilter (Pro-C, Pro-Q, Pro-L)
Native Instruments (Battery 3)
Variety of Sound (Slick HDR and Ferric TDS)
Celemony Melodyne
Jamstix 3.6
A number of stock plug-ins

The guitars and bass were not processed by Guitar Rig or anything similar for amp / cabinet emulation.

Tenor sax was provided by Wim Koopman. I’m glad to see that he is busy enough musically to be able to make money from his awesome skills.

I hope everyone enjoys this.

And if Lenny is reading this, I realized that the bass wasn’t really as squished as I thought. I used the Mindprint as a brickwall limiter with a threshold of about -12dB and ~25% tube saturation. I did, however, use Pro-C after tracking to squish it a bit further.

Let It Snow!


||: Am7 Bm7 Am7 Bm7 Bb13 Am7 Bm7 Bb7b5 Am7 ||

E7#9 D7#9 E7#9 D7#9
D#13 A7#9 G#13 Gm7
Cma7 B7#9#5 E7#9#5 D#13

||: Am7 Bm7 || (repeat 7 times)



||: Am7 Bm7 Bb7b5 Am7 ||

Nicely done, I’m assuming you intended for the bass guitar to be panned right… :slight_smile:


Yeah. It’s a sparse arrangement so I needed to ensure some sort of stereo image. Rhythm guitar on the left, bass on the right, drums in stereo, and the solo instruments + vocals dead center.

Nice, I really like it! (and I normally disgust christmas songs :wink: )

Thanks for listening! I’m rather happy with the way it came out considering how sparse the arrangement is. :slight_smile: