Music Library & keyboard shortcuts

I created keyboard shortcuts for Music Fonts, Font Styles and Paragraph Styles. (Ctl + M, Ctl + F and Ctl + P). They all show up in Engrave Mode but in all other modes, only the Music Fonts shortcut is available. The other two are not listed in the Library menu and they do not work in other modes, only Engrave. Any ideas?

This is what I see if I try to assign ctrl+f for font styles. Note the error message; this would explain why.

Hmmm, you’re right @Romanos but I do not get any warning when deleting and re-adding Ctl +F or Ctl + P. In Note Input mode, Ctl +F gives me an F down an octave. Ctl + P does nothing. I may have overridden some things but did not get the warnings. Thanks. Oh, I just searched and found this: