[ music] Low Sun - Desert

remixed , tweaked a little


Lovely relaxing feel and production on this, I like the fairly subtle changes @2mins and @3.5mins.

Well done,


Nice work, Peter. The first half really took me somewhere else - thank you for that. When the drums entered, though, I felt a bit let down. I’m wondering whether you could change the sounds a bit, make it more percussive, perhaps. I wanted to stay in the original mood. I did like the bass line when it followed and maybe that’s what you were linking with. A longer, softer ending would work well, too.

All the best


remixed , little tweaks

Very nice and calming song
well mixed as well
I believe drums don’t dominate and actually I like how they add a bit of a “story” aspect and a change of energy to the song.
don’t know if that makes sense or not
I like it a lot
Keep them coming

The music is relaxing and fulfilling at the same time.