[music][made with Cubase lol] Fields of California

My friend came for a visit a few months back, he’s a singer/songwriter type - very talented I think - so we set aside a day to record this new song of his. We recorded all the tracks onto a Zoom R24 and then I dumped the resulting .wav tracks into Cubase 6.5.3 for editing/mixing.

We used:
AT2020 to record the vocals
Behringer C2’s to record the acoustic gtr (an old Epiphone of mine)
The clean electric and electric lead were recorded with an SM57 mic on a Marshall JCM900 DR head (4100) with a 1960 4x12. On the clean we used a little Mooer ShimVerb pedal for effect. The lead was just straight tone from the amp. The gtr is an Ibanez Artcore semi-hollowbody.

In Cubase I did the usual stuff, plus there is some Cubase reverb on the vocals. The vocals and a couple other tracks also have some Slate VCC (RCTube) on them. What little compression there is on the tracks (vocals) uses a Plug&Mix Retro Compressor. When I “mastered” it (ha ha) I just used the stock VST Dynamics plug. There’s not much else effect-wise.

Do enjoy:

exelent song and love the guitar sound…almost sitar like at the begining, really thoughtfull mood to the song,
would’ve liked some soft strings to come in during the second half and the vox sounded a little boxy IMHO…but we would all do it different would we not…thanks for sharing…Kevin

Hey thanks for that Kevin. Yeah, I agree - there is certain stuff I would have done differently (less reverb on the vocal, etc), but some of these were “artist’s choice” lol. And he liked the result, which is the main thing I guess.

Thanks again. I liked your stuff on soundcloud alot, by the way. (slow week at work lol)

Yes, I like the song. Nice guitar playing and vocals.
Well done!

About the mix: I think it sounds too ‘middy’.
It could do with some more bottom and high end.

Did I say I like it? :wink:


Nice. I enjoyed this. :sunglasses:

Short and sweet.

Vocals are well delivered. The singer reminds me a bit of Paul Simon in some kind of disconnected way.

yep i agree with this

Thank you all for listening and your gracious comments - you are too kind!

It’s a very nice tune, well performed. Want to hear more. Agree with Wim, too middy, and also too in the center - no space. This was worth listening to.

This song is really good and well performed too. I like the way you did the vocals (and yes, the reverb too), they have a vintage feel. I think the instruments are recorded very well too.
My only critic is: the guitar is very pressing/ too hard compressed. Especially the lower snares are coming in very hard. I think this song will sound better with a lighter, more relaxed guitar sound, giving the beautiful vocals more space.

But again: very well done!