[MUSIC] Missing you (Mastered)

I’ve recently taken up the challenge of mastering my work as an explicit, separate step from the recording / mixing process. To cut my teeth, I’ve decided to take up a few of my older songs and revisit them from a mastering and, in some instances, even a remixing perspective. This is one such song.

Originally recorded in 2011, this song describes the life of a bachelor who is so busy breaking women’s hearts that he’s almost shocked when he meets a woman who captures his own. In the end, he asks her to “let me help you to help me chose you” because “I’m missing you.”

Piano: Kenny Zardier
Sax: Wim Koopman

Missing You

A Tony Bennett type song nicely executed, haven’t got the originals to hand so don’t know what the difference is, that hissing is there again!!
but sounds really good…Kevin

What Kevin is referring to is the brush on the drums, doesn’t bother me, maybe it could be a bit brighter but I like it as it is because brush sounds can be to prominent in the mix sometimes. Great music!

Yeah, I pulled back the stir fry a bit in the original mix. I can’t get rid of it entirely as it is part of the genre.

Early21, thanks for listening to the whole production and giving your feedback. That’s a lot of time spent and it’s much appreciated! To answer your question, our approach was to not second guess ourselves and just record whatever came out. That philosophy was applied to the arrangements and production as well. I agree with your analysis regarding the overall sound and its nod to the past. The project could have been made to sound more mainstream and it would have been interesting to hear that version had we the time to do it. It would also be great if it’s current state sparked a musical revolution of some sort (OK now I’m really daydreaming!). As far as where we are going with this, maybe after some more writing a clearer direction will present itself. Thanks again for the listen and we humbly appreciate any feedback.

I’m guessing zeomkean posted this reply to the wrong thread. :slight_smile:

Ha! I’m trying to remember what that was about! Anyway, the recording that this thread refers to makes me want to have a Scotch on the rocks, and follow Wim as he walks away off stage, so I can hear the rest of the fabulous solo! We are lucky to have people like Wim participating here. And it’s mixed very nicely, Larry! Or I guess I should say “mastered”.


Don’t worry - one day I’ll get you playing on my jazz tunes. :wink:

Nice version, good vocal. I do have two suggestions, however. Usually on a song like this, the guitar is evenly strumming chords on every beat – 1-2-3-4- – listen to some of the old Ellington tunes for reference. Next, fading out a jazz song is just not done. Ever. Anywhere. End the song in a way that brings it full circle, and to a satisfying conclusion. You may think I’m joking about this, but I’m not :laughing:

No, I don’t think you’re joking. And now that you mention it, I realize that I’ve never heard a jazz song fade out. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the next song that I hope to start working on in a few days. Leslie and I are excited to get this project underway. :slight_smile:

Actually, “Freddie The Freeloader” from Miles’ “Kind of Blue” album fades out. But it’s an instrumental. A Jazz vocal really should have closure