[music] My First 88.2khz Recording Using C7


crystal clear production on this track…wish I could do that!!! not my kinda song but it sounds just fantastic…well done…Kevin

Couldnt get it to play here, no streaming. Will try again later

Got it ,my system keeps reverting to 48khz. Great production and mix, very pro sounding

Sounds really good.

Nice :sunglasses:

great had me laughing. well put together though with the trumpets. not my kind of thing but great fun to listen to.

Very original song , very good quality of mixing! Good Job

Great song and quality … put a smile on my face. ye feel good after listening to this

Sounds great another masterpiece! lol!
Love the mix, tell me what you used as instrumentation and what was sample and real instruments etc

That’s quite bit of a tune mate! enjoyed listening to it a lot, keep it up!