[Music] My first with Cubase 6

Just got my first go on Cubase 6. Here is the result so far:


I still need to add more. I think its going ok so far, though I’m not too sure where to go yet :slight_smile:


Pretty good Rob :sunglasses: What did you use for the piece?

Very nice. My only minor complaint is that the guitar comes off a bot too “quantized”, i.e., “unnatural”

I believe you can set Cubase’s quantize to various degrees on randomness. I wouldn’t know, I never use Q

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just used what came in the package. Both the flute and guitar were standard presets from (I think) Halion Sonic SE.


Yes - I think I agree. The guitar part will need to be made less mechanical. I chose that part because I found the rhythm very interesting, especially as it is one that is beyond my ability to play myself.


I don’t think Segovia himself could play a guitar with THAT level of precision. Loosen it up a bit and it’ll be just fine

Good so far.

Maybe add some finger noises, and maybe re-think the flute part
to allow gaps where a player might suck in a breath?


Thanks for the feedback. I have always thought there was something wrong with the flute parts. I knew it was time related, but couldn’t put my finger on it, but after reading your comments it all makes sense.

I’m going to have to start thinking about the real dynamics of the instruments I’m trying to emulate.


Midi has come such a long way. The build reminds me Deep Breakfast, good stuff. :smiley:

Nice positive vibe!

Only thing I’d say is it maybe needs slowing down a notch and real guitar adding. Agree with the comment above about it sounding too quantized. But I’m a guitarist so I’ve gotta say that. Like Twilight said, generally looser and rougher would be great.

Good work!