[music] New jazz song Baby Won't Share with female vocals

Hello fellow Cubasians,

I’ve published a new jazzy song on Soundcloud: Baby Won’t Share.
Please let me know what you think of it.

It’s on the CD ‘Careless’ from my band Portonova. The other songs are also on Soundcloud and I’ve already published the demo versions on this forum. All songs were mastered by a professional mastering engineer now: Jeffrey DaGoose, who’s also on this forum: http://www.mastering-online.nl/.

The bass lines used to be loops edited in Melodyne or samples/synths played by me. Contrabass player Oscar Poppe rerecorded all bass lines in one take. Oscar is an official band member now since march 2013 and we are proud having him. In the seventies he used to be a session player for American jazz musicians like (ex-Billie Holiday) saxophone player Tommy Jones and piano player Burton Green.

i like it ,should be a hit . :sunglasses:

Catchy, I like it :sunglasses:
Goed gedaan!

what a good song and what a sexy vocalist…could have done with more bass at my end…good work…Kevin

Thanx Firestamper, Strophoid and Shadowfax, you make me happy. :slight_smile:

Wow that’s classy. :wink:

Thanx Bane, really appreciate. :slight_smile:

Hey, this is really great. Excellent production quality.

I like the other stuff too , FWIW. I liked “Careless In The Sun” alot.

Love the song esp. the vocals and sax lines. (Where’s Wim when you expect to find him? :laughing: ) Great production especially some of the subtle bells and whistles (not literally) that I heard.

Granted, I’m listening on my laptop now but did you track this live? I read that the bass was retracked, but was the rest done live? I ask because it sounded to me like there was a bit of slapback, especially with the piano in the right channel. Again, it could be just my speakers but I’m wondering if you recorded it live on an upright with an isolation shield similar to what drummers use behind the piano.

I’ll have another listen the next time I remember and I’m on my studio PC. Again, good stuff.

Nice dancehall music…I too wanted just a tad more bass :sunglasses:

Thanxs Foolomon, no, the song isn’t played live. But a lot of people think it is. Most tracks are recorded in one take though, maybe that’s the reason.

Thanks to you too Twilightsong. Kevin also noticed. To me, there’s a lot of bass. Is the bassline not loud enough or do you miss low? I’m just trying to understand, because I can’t hear it.

KIller track love the vocals and the groove. I hear the bass okay, if its not in the can yet you might play with EQ a bit to make it stand out? Try roll of at low end boosting 800, also maybe add a little high end to hear the finger noise a little?

Enjoyable just like your other songs. The bass is definitely way too low in the mix. It’s actually more of the lower resonance that I’m missing and I’m listening on quite bassy earphones plugged into my m-audio soundcard and the bass is noticeably lower overall in a quick comparison to other songs in this genre that I have. Specifically for me it’s the lower resonance though that seems to be missing when I compared.

Melody, performance and harmony are all really cool. One take lol, good going. Well done once again. :sunglasses:

Hi Jonathan en Kenny, thanx very much for your kind words. I guess a have a weak ear for bass. In the past, my basses were much too strong and now I’m too carefull. :slight_smile: