[music] new song, distant hope

Hi everyone, good to be back and hope this new system works.

This is a song inspired by an instrumental by ethansight called Far Hope, the chord structure he used gives it a sort of “little help from my friends feel” sometimes but the feel of the piece he did promted this from me…it’s a bit quirky I think but just had to do it, my thanks to ethansight for insiring this song.

If you have a listen…thank you…Kevin


Nice song, and mix sounds fine on my monitors. I guess those sweet new monitors have something to do with that.

You are right, I wasn’t really sure what to make of this musically as it was a bit on the quirky side. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, it’s better to experiment with new arrangement styles instead of snapping to your same tendencies.

The lyrics were what really disappointed me. They seemed like an afterthought, particularly the “chorus”.

Thanks for sharing Kevin,

hi kevin ,yeh its weird mixing the forums together ,kinda feels like your living on a council estate with lots of stray dogs hanging around , lol. yes i like the song ,i dont want to pee on your bonfire cause i know you shed out some decent money for the speakers, but im still out on the mix i liked the mix you did with the last set of temporary speakers you had, were they jbls or something ,anyway you`ll get used to them .
love the bass playing ,is that you?

Thanx for sharing it, do i understand it right that you made the lyrics and vocal on the existing arrangement?
I like your voice, the melodyne? effect is not disturbing , it still has a nice emotional touch to it.
The arrangement could do with a little less, it be nice to use the tympani just a few times and build up the arrangement with the small orchestra or keys/guitar. The mix sounds not very transparant to me, the bass an drums are mixed back in the middle on my set, the vocals stand out quite nice. maybe the FX are a bit up to much?
Needs som tweaking and a twist in the arrangement a potentially good song.

You do record your voice so well. Always like your singing. I guess you got new speakers, someone said? On my speakers the electric bass, when it comes in, is a bit prominent, although interesting. I didn’t find it quirky at all. Another really nice one from you.

Hi, bane…I enjoyed the challenge of creating something that comes from an angle I wouldn’t think of, it produced a song I wouldn’t normally do, lyrics are always tough…it’s all been done before!!!

Hi firestamper, still getting used to the A77X’s and got to admit I’m finding them a bit “big” for my studio even though my studio is 5mx4m and I am going to check out some mid sized Genelecs with a matched sub bass on Monday, might just end up with them…regarding the bass…I wish it was me but it’s wav file patches from Band on Demand…

Hi desert, the song is based on the chord structure and feeling that ethansight’s instrumental invoked in me, the arrangement is totally different, there are no effects on the vox, (rev and comp of course) just used a crappy old mike which distorts quite a lot…think it’s actually brocken.I think your right about the Timpani, maybe did use it to much…it’s interesting that you find the bass mixed back and early finds the bass mixed forward…go figure :confused: guess that’s the result of different listening environments…

Hi early, thanks for listening, your comments are always important to me…

thank you all for listening…Kevin

This is a very nice song - when I saw the title I already knew what it was going to be :wink:. I am not too keen on the complete stops at the beginning, But I suppose that is more of a personal problem. At 1:59 I am amazed at how the instruments are mixed - cubase already provides great samples but the way you put them together is just perfect. Then a bit later when everything kicks in I enjoyed the drums especially - and the bass as well. The bass did start to get a bit repetitive after awhile but it wasn’t too much of a problem; soundcloud also seems to enhance the bass in most tracks so I am pretty sure it is fine. In general the musical side went great with the lyrics and melody. Overall a very nice track!

why thank you kind sir…Kevin

Nice job Kevin. Musically, this is my favourite from you so far. I wouldn’t say it’s quirky but it’s the kind of interesting arrangement that I enjoy.


Great Shadowfax, like the bass playing, and all the different instruments used.

Thanks for sharing

It’s a very nice song, well written. I too thought maybe the full-stop thing repeated too many times in the first section. Bass sounds awesome! Needs a better ending –

My big issue is that although the singing itself is superb, the vocal recording sounds really icky – distortion in the signal, EQ sounds unnatural. Not sure what to advise… Are the recording levels too hot? And was it then sent into some plug-in, like compression, at too hot a level?

thank you for listening…weszme, wasn’t sure about putting this up and am surprised that you like it more than the other stuff, just shows…you can never tell…

rgmcubase, welcome to the forum mate and thanks for listening and taking time to comment.

thanks for your comments twilightsong, the vox was recorded with an old mic that does distort abit (or maybe a lot) and just thought it added a bit of character…maybe a bit too much!!! there are no other vst’s on it, just the usual comp and rev…

thank you everyone…Kevin

Hi Kevin, really love the song your voice and the mix. I personally felt that the bass sits correctly. One of your best works, I seem to say that everytime now as you work has taken huge leaps in quality.

Hi Kenny, thanks for listening, it’s down you you and the other guy’s who take the time to comment that my stuff is getting better, was really not sure about putting this up and am surprised that you and another has said it’s one of my best…you never can tell…Kevin

Its always nice to find “quirky” in the constant spew of “normal” out there. I enjoyed, I agree with a few about the overall mix… however, I only listened on the laptop (no time for the studio today), so to be fair, its not a great listening environment. I pay little attention to lyrics, so no complaints like some here.

And, at 1:07, I did a little doubletake, because for a moment you sounded just like Justin Hayward. (google him) :sunglasses:

Deserves a “well done” IMHO.


Hi and thanks for listening and I really apreciate your comments…for me also lyrics are not the first thing I listen to in a song, I consider them the “work” part of music…it has to be done.
didn’t need to google Justine Hayward…Nights in white satin is the best ballad on the planet…IMHO

thanks again…Kevin

A passionless depressing dirge that was painful to listen to. Even more handicapped by the dull production which injected absolutely no progressive dynamics into what should have been an emotional journey from start to finish.

Everyone else is being faux polite and faux tactful. I tell it like it is. It’s awful.

thank you …interesting that you suddenly found this after my critisism of your attidude on another thread, your attidude hear confirms what you are…you are entitled to your opinion of course and I thank you for wasting your time and listening…if you ever post any music I will listen without predjudice or a beligerent attitude…to you this forum is a place to do battle…to me and many others it’s a place to do music…i will not join you in your depressing and ugly game…ps…it pleases me greatly that my music caused you some pain and inspires me to write more music that you can look forward to…I hope you will be a frequent visitor, maybe you’ll post some music.

you may not be aware of this but it is possible to negatively critisize somebodies music politely…just a thought…
because your slamming everybody that has commented on this thread…you certainly know how to make friends and influence people…

you are becoming rather boring on this thread and the other one so i will not bother to respond to any more of the venom dripping from your mouth, or in this case…keyboard… cheerio…

If you really are passionate about improving your music by seeking the views of others then what’s the point of offering our creations for public critique if you can’t handle criticism?

Maybe you are just insecure and want people to clap their hands at whatever you produce? but a sincere search for criticism would take onboard criticism even if it isn’t tactful.

I took time out to listen to your offering and offered my honest opinion. I can see that opinion has stabbed a raw nerve but I can only be honest. So instead of spewing out personal attacks maybe you should evaluate my comments in regards to your music and see if it makes any sense. If you still disagree then fine, but the bottom line is to improve music not get into some battle of insecurity.

Perhaps in future you should state in advance that only people who like you creations should respond to avoid? :slight_smile:

“Can’t handle the criticism”??? I am sure Kevin has nothing against constructive criticism of his works. The one thing you offer is that it “needs more dynamic production” and then continue on to state your own negative thoughts that in no way help him to improve his music in the future (unless your goal is to discourage him from making music altogether… Which comes across a horribly selfish).