[Music] New Song Updated

It’s been a while since I contributed. Here’s a new one that I’m looking for some technical critiques on. Took a while to produce this as we were careful on what to lay down as far as sounds. Wanted to be a little unique in the sound design and choice of instruments. Anyway have a listen if you have a moment.



I really dig this song. It’s fun, it’s funky. All instruments have their own space. Like the singing. I haven’t decided if having the percussive guitar panned all the way to the right making it stand out as it is now vs blending it more with the rest or balancing with another instrument (bass perhaps ) on the left is the way to go. Would like to know your thoughts about it. At any rate , Bom trabalho! (great job) :smiley:


Thanks for the listen. Early on in tracking I played a lot with the strat rhythm track. I can try to see if placing it either center or closer to center works better. My concern was that during the verses, the instrumentation is thin and I was avoiding a mono recording during those passages.

Way cool. Full of space. Nice.

My only crit would be that at times I found
the top end a little bit harsh. Not a lot, but
enough for me to comment about it.


Thanks Jet. That was my summation as well after my ears settled. Should be an easy fix. I think I may have added a tad bit of top end when mastering. Thanks for confirming what my gut was hinting at.

Very entertaining song :sunglasses: Mix is perfect, although I had the same concern as Jet about a bit too much high freq’s in parts (the funky sections), especially the handclaps. The middle part is quite Beatle-y – never can get enough of THAT :laughing:

Thanks for the listen. I revisited the mix last night and what you are hearing now is the newer mix. I may have to come up with a new sound for the “funky” snare beat as it is proving impossible to tame without throwing off the eq balance with the other parts. I’d prefer to address this issue within the project rather than during the mastering phase.

Appreciate the suggestions. I replaced with new mix/master.

I really like this and I can’t fault the mix at all. It’s well balanced and I see what you’re doing with the style - it reminds me a little of Sweet and Bowie but definitely you’re own sound well done!

Can I ask what your approach to the lead vocal was? It sounds double tracked maybe? not sure - whatever you’ve done is subtle enough not to be obvious but creates a really good sound. Where can I get a copy of it pls?

Killer track love the mix and the thin guitar part, the snare gives a strong reference point for entire track. Love the keyboard parts too!

That’s the ticket. :wink:

Awesom thanks everyone’s in out and helping me with the mix. Truly! I’m going to call this one done and move on to the next! To answer the question about the vocal track. @UserSince1993 Yes I double tracked the lead and backing vocals. 4 vocal tracks in total. Pm me and I can send you an MP3 via email if you’d like.