[Music] Of Silk and Skins

For Lovers, around the world.
Listen to Of Silk and Skins here : https://soundcloud.com/user-756452695/of-silk-and-skins

Enjoy !

Stephco, because I am awed by this recording, I am not sure how to advise. Thanks for showing up here to contribute. I will listen a couple more times and maybe then I will have some constructive ideas.

Thanks Man!
As English isn’t my mother tongue, sorry, but I have to ask about the word “awed” you used. I tried online dictionary but I need a clarification.
What does that means exactly given the context?

Sorry, it means “in awe” or “amazed”, or maybe “highly impressed”. It means I really like it!

Thank you sir.

I listened again a couple of times, and I still like it. The flow through sounds, melodies, and chords make a lot of sense to me. It’s obviously not trying to sound like some sort of live recording. It’s driven by a rhythmic pulse that is very satisfying. It fits with all of the other stuff you posted.

Thanks again for your words & time listening.
You are 100% Right. I’m not trying to reproduce any Live session. You already know that i’m not a producer. I’m simply using Cubase at home as a set of tools to create music. I was a pianist & composer in a band a long time ago. Cubase is giving me all the colors & capabilities that I wasn’t able to find easily - not talking about time saving!
Thanks again Early21. Given your posts, not sure 21 is your age :slight_smile:

yes very good.I am also awed.

Wonderful track. Nice mix and synth voicings. Most importantly of all, it’s a fine composition. Your works always are always a good listen.

Thank you Polgara & Swetch.