[music] "Preludium" test from Håkons cd

Hi there people.

This one was started in 2005 and finished just now
It is called “Preludium” and you can get it here for a limited time, hehe

I redid the leads and used my new Fender deluxe on it

I’ve also redone the drums using superior drummer 2 avatar kit instead of the old battery 2 kit on the original, the rest of the takes are from 2005

Again; input on anything would be appreciated, since this is going to be released.

All the best, Kim :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me, Kim.
As for your playing, it sounds to me like you haven’t lost a step, despite most of your time lately
spent at the mixing desk.
your playing sounded Knopfleresque on this one, to my ears.
Good stuff!


Excellent :sunglasses:


I am not from Germany

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Sorry… This post got moved to the German lounge for a while and I was a bit flabbergasted about that :slight_smile:


Hi there.
I updated the mix a lot so I decided to bump this
The link is the same, now with better mixing (I hope) and melodyne on vocals.

Kim :laughing:

Ouch I thought the post had been moved… but alas not.

I am Kim from Norway… why have I been moved to the German side of the forum?

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Very nice song. I love the snare and your tasty guitars but the whole thing works well!


Thank you for listening Heiner, glad you liked it.

Very much appreciated, this song will be out on cd in Norway before June.

All the best, Kim :slight_smile:

A friend told me about (n gave me a listen) what’s called “Humppa Music” ?!?!
Seems to me like it have a touch of it !

Maybe its da forthcoming style !?

Not my alley…but…

Good mix and good gizz, Kim !!! :sunglasses: