Music producers being neglected

Hi, I have been using Cubase since version 6 and I have notice that steinberg in my opinion has gone away from creating new instruments or updating the old ones in the newer versions of the software. Yes, the sampler track is an amazing new addition but I would love the ability to sample a song and chop up in slices and have each slice mapped across the keyboard. Furthermore, i would love the ability to have it be able to warp and fit any tempo with out having to change the pitch or quality similar to what the mpc software does. I would love for you guys to update or upgrade loopmash putting new controls maybe a lp and hp filter. Maybe an addition of a analog filter would be nice as well that would allow us to fatten drum sounds or synth sounds. I just feel the new things added only satisfy the extremely technical audio engineers and not the music creators such as songwriters and etc.

what’s wrong with Groove Agent SE?
Even less technical folks can chop and mangle there. You can drag in sliced events directly from Cubase to the pads and map them across your keyboard/pads. Or you can slice your audio in GA SE itself. You can also warp, pitch, loop, filter etc. in GA SE.

Get other plugins. FL slicer does what an MPC does. And many many others. I’d like cubase to focus less on instruments and effects and more on the DAW itself

If steinberg wants to be the next “pro tools” then by all means don’t focus on the instruments. But if steinberg’s goal is to compete with Ableton and Propellerhead then they need to improve on everything as a whole

They don’t need to. There’s a zillion plugins that are far superior

Cubase already does all of what you’re asking. Mapped slices can be done in Groove Agent SE, you have Audio Warp and Time Warp tools to change audio tempo without changing pitch, add insert filter effects to LoopMash if you want that (or just use the low/high shelves in the EQ if you don’t need high resonance).

I disagree.

Steinberg needs to keep doing what they are currently doing. Many steps in the right direction.