[Music] Rabbit Ears (too ) -Desert

first tune in the list, sparse use of reverb and FX mix . Wanted it close in the speakers. Punchy. Does it work?
second version up with tweaked mix than for the feedback.!



regards Peter

tried play lo fi and play hi fi and both don’t make a sound…

yep sounds punchy ,nice mix.

how did you get it to play?

Great tune, nice mix if I were to critique anything I would say the roads might be to loud in the begining. I am not sure about the pan on /Synth melody it feels that it should be center and more in your face to me. Over all a really good tune, very punchy! Kevin your pop up blocker is probably keeping player from working, might have to add site to the browser white list

thanx food the feedback, tweaked the mix a little end added an synth line.

regards Peter

Another great tune, Peter!
I think the snare sounds a bit thin, but maybe you wanted to keep it light?

The Hammond sounds schweet! :sunglasses:


Peter, much better!keys are all sitting in right spot and I love the organs and also new synth line and the stellar playing. I do like the sound of the tight snare, but like Wim, I am wondering if you brought it back just a touch or found the spot in EQ (try sweeping maybe 4-8k range?)to warm it just a bit, if that would help? But it really sounds great!
Wonderful playing again!

Great stuff. Good tune, great hammond!

Yes, great tune, really enjoyed it. You’ve got great guitar sounds on this.


A quite enjoyable tune! :sunglasses: My only slight crit is the drums seem kind of dry compared to the other instruments