[Music] Rising From The Ashes

This is the second tune that has been queued up for some time. Glyn was originally going to sing the vocals but had to politely decline when something came up. So everyone is stuck with my vocals. :smiley:

Rising From The Ashes

Vocals: Neumann TLM103 through the MindPrint Envoice MKII

Guitars: 2013 PRS Custom 24; 1987 JB Player w/EMG Selects
Both were played through a stock Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III, mic’d with an AKG D950 > MindPrint Envoice MKII
I used a Dunlop Crybaby and an MXR Carbon Copy pedal

Bass: 2004 Fender Jazz direct in through the MindPrint Envoice MKII

Drums: Jamstix 3.6 through Battery 3

Recorded on Cubase 8 Pro. I used the FabFilter suite, Melodyne, SlickHDR and FerricTDS from Variety of Sound, and a few stock plug-ins for the mixing and mastering projects.

Cream or something! You sound like Jack Bruce! No complaints about singing! Definitely British! In terms of mix, there is a punch missing in the drums and bass. So louder snare, kick, and bass, would be my suggestion. Great job!

Thanks for listening! I’ll review the mix again, though it seems to be fairly even on my Yamaha HS7s and in the car. :frowning:

Yo Larry.

Found myself digging out my old copy of “Fresh Cream”.
Third album I ever bought.

Would agree with 21st. :wink:


I like it! Vocal is really good – suits your voice much better than the Jazz stuff. The balances sound okay, with the GLARING exception that the drums are wimpy and mixed WAY back. I think they just need to be louder overall, although the snare may still need a bit of punch yet.

About the rhythm guitars: I know you mentioned this is two different guitars, double-tracked, but for whatever reason it’s sounding like one guitar that was played through a processor that made it sound wide…which usually just means it has doubled the input, panned them hard left and right, and added a bit of delay to one side. I HATE THAT! :laughing: especially on a tune like this where tightness is mandatory. But, you’re saying it’s two guitars, so I’m not sure what to recommend. I know you’re going for something like that Golden Earring sort of tight sound, and this is close, but could be tighter still, so the only thing I can conclude is that it’s the amp settings that are holding it back – too much overdrive sometimes can make it hard for the palm mutes to be really tight. So, maybe something a bit less grungy…and a MARSHALL amp would be better than the typical spongy Fender here. Having said all this, I suspect you’re going to say, “WTF? I am NOT going to re-track the guitars, you s**** f***!” :laughing:

No, you’re absolutely correct about the Marshall vs. Fender. I have access to a Marshall Valvestate but the fan bearings are about to go so the resulting noise makes it unsuitable for recording.

You’re also probably right about the amp settings, though I would change that slightly to add that my mic placement probably wasn’t helping much either. This was my first time trying to record a guitar live (vs. DI + Guitar Rig Pro 5) so I’m sure I made some mistakes.

I’m sure that at some point a few years in the future after I’ve done this a bit more and learned what works and what doesn’t from an amp recording perspective I will re-record this song.