music shifts on mode change

sorry if this has been answered. i searched the forum but found nothing in particular relevant.

my problem is with the music shifting when i change modes. for example, if i’m in write mode looking at a particular part of the music and decide i would like to tweak the music a bit in engrave mode, the music shifts position and i have to go hunting for the relevant spot. even if i select the music in write mode this shift occurs when i go to engrave mode. is there a way of preventing this shift? the same thing occurs going from engrave mode to write mode. if i find something in engrave mode that can only be changed in write mode, when i shift to write mode, i’m no longer at the position i need to be to effect the change - i have to go hunting again. this is very time consuming and irritating at the same time.

The only way at present to prevent this shift is to use page view in both Write and Engrave modes; if you use galley view in Write mode, then at the moment there can be a shift when you back and forth. We will try to improve this in due course.