[ music] Shimmer3 updated- Desert

ambient track - watch your subwoofer at the end - open for suggestions


guitar added by Philippe van Hartingsveldt

thanx for listening anyway in advance

Very smooth, was a great way to start the morning :slight_smile: love the synth with echo near ending…listened through phones so I am unsure what you meant by watch the sub but will listen later when I can crack it.


I, too, listened through headphones and didn’t hear anything untoward at the end. I did hear some random raspy sounds coming from the depths which may have been the upper ends of a subwoofer riff. This was before the change in the middle and they sounded out of place there.

Otherwise, I loved the track. Very gentle and beautifully created and produced.


Peter, another beauty. You surely have a sense for these ambient tunes that I truly appreciate. I don’t have a subwoofer on my rig and I didn’t have anything that gave my speakers problems. Truly enjoyed it, and can’t find any points to make about the mix. I would like to learn more about the choices you make to achieve the ambient quality - reverb, echo, stereo positioning, other effects? It really works.

:smiley: i used a moog bass at the end of the track, it hit my sub really hard, i did not hear it on a smaller sound system or in my car so i understand your wondering what i meant.
Good point by early21, i will make some screen shots, maybe that will help. Just have to find out how to upload them on this forum. Will come back on that.


let me know if things need explanation

Thanks, Peter. Are you putting these reverbs on the master bus? Not using any compression or anything? Again, love the track.

updated with guitar part

no reverb on master, just UAD limiter .
I master wit wavelab 8.5 thru an avalon 747 sp, a tiny tiny bit of compression , I use the EQ with a 2+in the high freq.
Watch very close on output levels, In my opinion is the channel eq and choises mede there most important.
Do not need a lot of extra FX , with real drum recording however i need a lot of it. Gaing/compressin etc . With VSTi’s it is hardly needed.
I use a double bellari pre amp set with AKG 414’s for my hammond recordings, use the compressor always ten.

sorry for all the mistyping :confused: looks like i was drunk… Just missing my reading glasses again :sunglasses:

Lovely Peter, especially like it with the guitar/s. Ethereal!


Peter, your information is really helpful to me. Thanks. I truly like the addition of the guitar.

Listening at the Atlanta airport waiting for the plane to Buenos Aires Argentina. :smiley:
Great stuff.


Peter! Nice stuff as always, though I will admit that I didn’t know you worked in this genre also since I only know you from your jazz and funk / blues / soul stuff.

started experimenting with a new sample library from soniccouture ‘’’’
Box of tricks""
great :smiley: .Love it.
added a little to the track.

Hi Peter,

Great stuff, as usual.
Enjoyed this very much! :sunglasses: