Music Studio 3.0

Hello Steinberg team. Can you please update us on the status of Music Studio 3.0 or any plans to give this app any attention? I feel as though once you’ve acquired this app, it’s been abandoned. No news, no significant updates and the promises made of future update plans from Xewton were not kept for a couple of years now and I really feel that I’m not only speaking for myself. Music Studio has a huge fan base as you know. I actually own the cubasis app as well and can say that if you do away with all it’s instruments(which I don’t like too much) and replaced them with that of Music Studio, it would be worth it. On the other hand, if you replaced Music Studio’s tracking and audio recording format with that of cubasis, it would be worth it. So, what I am truly asking is how are you actually merging with Music Studio? (A little side note… I had purchased alchemy synth mobile from camel audio and purchased ALL of their sound banks. When they were acquired by apple,which incorporated their own alchemy synth into their GarageBand app, my alchemy mobile app no longer worked and all my purchases were lost…forever. It was a lot of money lost for me and an issue that I’ve taken to apple to no avail. Big merger for the company, consumer takes the back seat.). I understand that being a big name company, you may have bigger priorities, but it’s been a couple years now or more for Music Studio and I still look forward to what Alexander had in mind for future updates which I assume(or maybe not) you agreed with. Thanks for reading. This was in no means to disrespect in the least; only an avid user wanting more from this great app. Please let us know!

Hello JonFlair,
Many thanks for your kind message!
Regarding Music Studio instruments in Cubasis, consider your feature request added to the list.
Lifting Music Studio’s audio track limitations (one file per track) and adding new features that Cubasis already has is also something that we are considering. However, there are several reasons, some carried over from the past, why we can’t implement all of this in the near future.
While future updates are planned, we have no data available yet on when these will become available.
However there is a good chance it will take a while until being ready. Sorry that we can’t be any more specific at this time!

Thank you for your prompt reply. Sounds very promising; looking forward to the updates!