Music Studio as MIDI Sequencer

I am brand new to MusicStudio, but not to MIDI and sequencing- though it has been a few years.

I am having difficulty getting my gear to properly communucate with the app. I am using an Apple Camera Connection Kit and a Roland HP603 piano. MusicStudio recognizes my gear as a Roland keyboard, but I can not get tracks to change voices on the instrument.

The documetation for my piano is pretty dismal, and there’s very little discussion of MIDI from Roland’s end.

Has anyone here successfully used MusicStudio as a traight up MIDI sequencer for their hardware, and what whas your experience setting it up?


Music Studio doesn’t automatically change voices on (send program change MIDI messages to) external hardware.
You can only trigger this manually by tapping the “Send Params” button on the MIDI Setup screen.