Music Studio (old) buying via AppStore on iPad2

I own an old iPad2 16GB
Modell: MC769FD/A
IOS Version 9.3.5 (13G36) no more updates possible

I have installed the MusicStudio LITE App which is working very fine on this old device.
I use it together with a ION Piano Apprentice (Mini)MIDI Keyboard.

I would like to buy the full version, but unfortunately buying isn’t possible because when I try to buy the Apple AppStore links automaticaly
to the last Music Studio App from Alexander Gross for € 16,99 which requires IOS 12.4 or newer (I only have 9.3.5).
Is there a way to buy the last full version for old iPads with IOS 9.3.5?
The Music Studio LITE runs perfect but I would like to import own mid (Midi) files and play them togehter with the keyboard.
PS: A score note viewer where you can play your midi files and see the playing socres is missing, then this app would be awesome-perfect.

Thank you very much for your help Mr. Alexander Gross and Community.

I really would like to buy the Music Studio 2.10.1 full version for the iPAD2 . Is there really no one who can help? :frowning:

Hi Striker01,

There’s a possible workaround for installing older versions of Music Studio:
For further details see this thread:

I hope that this method works for you!

Hello Alex,

thank you for your help.
I only have PCs. No apple computer.
I have installed iTunes on the PC to access the Appstore but with iTunes I only have options to buy music, Films etc.
Is there a way to buy the old version of Music Studio on a PC for the iPad2? :frowning:
Maybe would be a work around to pay directly to you and you can send me the install files?
I could put them on the iCloud to access the install files on the iPad2.
Would this work?
Thank you!
Best regards,

You don’t need to buy the old version. If you buy the current version then the iPad2 will load the latest version that can run on it.