Music Studio with Bluetooth with Akai EWI USB

Hi, I’m using the full version of Music Studio on my ipad and I LOVE the instrument sounds. My problem is that I am using it on ipad mini and I don’t know how to connect my EWI USB with it. I have converted the EWI to a bluetooth connection. How do I set up Music Studio on ipad to accept bluetooth so that I may use the sounds with my EWI USB bluetooth setup? (I’ve used this bluetooth setup successfully with other apps on the ipad - GarageBand and ThumbJam - but they don’t compare to MusicStudio).
Thank you.

If all else fails try using the midimittr app - it’s free.

Thank you. I’ll try it.

I got Music Studio working through garage band. Now, one problem is that the notes stick sometimes and will play with the other notes (polyphonically) unless I play that repeated note over again or reset the ewi (which pops the note at reset) to stop it. Why do the notes stick and how do I fix that problem? Thanks again.

Thank you BiancaNeve. midimittr works great!

How do I play two instruments on one channel in real time?