[Music] Sweet Dreams

Another rough mix, just levels.

Sweet Dreams

Nice work, as usual, Nate.

Thanks for sharing.

Bill! How the heck have you been? :sunglasses:

Hi Nate

Nice playing as always

Merry Xmas

Hey Dave, thanks for listening. How’s things with you? :sunglasses:

Nice blend of guitar. Strong playing.

Hi Nate
Nice, classic style. Good playing and programming.
I’ve definitely heard better mixes from you, though. The rhythm guitars are louder than the leads, the drums are buried in the loud parts, and the bass and kick drum are lacking in punch.
I think think the composition is certainly worthy of some more attention to the fine points of the mix.


Yeah Lenny, it’s a very rough mix. :mrgreen:

Waiting to record the rest of the tunes for the CD before mixing. Also, I got Addictive drums recently and need to attend to the drums.

Right – when you make your final passes, the drums could come up – quite a bit actually – and I think they’ll sound much better with the new samples – currently they don’t sound horrible but do have a kind of drum machine quality to them

Beautiful guitars!

Thanks, Doug. :sunglasses:

One of my favorite tunes so I’ll give it a bump. :wink: :mrgreen:


Sat. night beer bump. :mrgreen:

Heard all these before :sunglasses: How you gettin on with Addicitive Drums? :chin:

Great Job Nate: Hard to believe that’s a rough mix. Sounds good :wink:

Jack :smiley:

Yep, sounds good! Great guitar playing! :sunglasses:
I know it’s a rough mix, but I’m not fond about the snare.
Is there a more or less final version of this song?


Wow, where’d you guys drag this up from? :laughing:

There are no effects EQ or anything on this, just half-assed levels. Waiting to mix everything until I have enough for the CD.

Wim, I have Addictive Drums now so the drum parts are way out of date. Did all of the original with free stuff. Hopefully, now that school’s over I’ll have more time for choons.

Thanks for the feedback. :sunglasses:

:whistle: :laughing:

Did you change/add anything in the last 2-3 years to these songs? If not I can’t see why you’re bumping such old threads Nate/N8.

I agree with Lenny’s comments, the lead guitars are waaaay too low. I’d have thought you’d want to show the lead guitar parts off more than anything and they are just buried and overpowered by other things. So as I said, I do wonder if you’ve actually made changes to the mixes or are just doing your yearly bump for more views since you were the last person to post in this thread some 28 months ago and bump it with a “whistle” along with your other threads.

WOn’t talk about mix it’s already been done lol Great playing though!!! :astonished: