Music symbols editor scaling issue

Apologies if this has come up before, though I wasn’t able to find it if it has.

In the music symbols editor (and the playing techniques editor, perhaps in other similar editors as well), I seem to be having an issue where changing the value of X scaling doesn’t have any effect (I tried on several different object types and glyph categories, all to the same result). Additionally, Y scaling does scale the object, but it does so proportionally for both X and Y (just like clicking and dragging), even though the displayed X value doesn’t change. X and Y offset work just fine.

I tried to see if this is the case in any of the youtube videos, and it’s hard to say. The only instance of this specific part of the feature being used is in the video introducing it, and the change to the X scaling that Anthony makes is small enough that it may not have shown a change at that zoom level (though an identical change in Y value did - see here at about 3:20 -

Is this the same for others? Are those values supposed to be independently editable?

If you’re using text or glyphs, you can only scale the symbol by the same amount in the X and Y dimensions. Graphics can be scaled independently on each axis.