[Music] The Gates of Valhalla

This piece features the Spitfire Symphonic Organ.

This starts extremely quietly and gradually crescendos to ffff.

Also features Spitfire Studio Strings Professional, AudioBro Modern Scoring Brass, VSL Synchron Steinway D-274 Piano, VSL Symphonic Cube and EWQL Symphonic Choirs. (Also some heavy breathing!). There are still some things to tidy up so I will update this as soon as I can.


Nice music man
I really felt the fear of gods (:D) through your music
keep them coming~
check my stuff as well

Thanks so much. Very nice of you to take the time to comment. I’ll have a listen to yours. :slight_smile:

Hi Mobius, great build-up, although maybe the initial volume is low, since I had to turn it up, and paid the price later! I think the sounds you are using are working very well. I agree with Masoomi; fear of gods loud and clear!

Thank you. You’re right, I’ll try and address the volume issue asap.

I felt the first couple of minutes were a bit long, but that could potentially be helped by Mobius’ suggestion for the volume!

Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.