Music Thief Alert.

A friend of mine (Total Composure) stumbled across one of his tracks being stolen by the guy behind the profile that he linked. If you upload to SoundCloud etc you may want to have a browse as he’s stealing not just from unknown musicians and selling the tracks as his own but also even from such big hollywood names like Colin O’ Malley too. I imagine there are other sites/people doing it, but we’re gonna join together and sue this absolute moron now that he’s been caught out stealing our music and profiting from it. I can’t believe people are either that dumb or that desperate as to steal and then publicly sell.

Anyway, there’s always a chance he’s browsed this cubase (and other well known music forums) for music to steal so have a check.

P.S. I don’t feel like logging on much during the summer but I’ll catch up on threads at some point. ^_~

was he using the original titles of the songs.

He owns and sells domains he owns close to 3k domain names. He is not stupid, just a low life thief probably based in korea

Maybe we are the idiots for putting our music up for free, is there a way to sort of “watermark” a track so’s it can’t be copied?..Kevin