[ music ] Tulip - desert

track partly used for a commercial


Hi Desert,
Well composed, and Sounds are melting together perfectly!
Love it.

Hi Peter, another nice ambient track.

Nicely done. Overall nice production.

Hi Peter,

Listened on several of your tracks got an true Vangelis vibe here, but at the same time you have your own distinguish sound.

You soundscapes are great :slight_smile: - Have you considered vocal on any tracks? (perhaps you already have on some tracks with vocal on?)


Really Great!

Love your works!

I got the same sensation that I get when I listen to Vangelis’s Oceanic album. so it means it’s very good in my opinion.
my listening gear where a pair of desktop speakers so I can’t give any opinions on mix but it was cohesive enough from where I stood.

Another fine piece of music, Peter! :sunglasses:

That’s lovely. I really like the rich low end again, great mix with the delicate percussion and piano (?) sounds.