[Music] Unrequited Dancing and Torn Heart remixed

Finally managed to get some semi-decent speakers - I had been using only headphones up till now and was surprised at how different my mixes (read bad) sounded. It seems one of the major issues was the Acoustic Guitar - who would have guessed that these things produce a lot of low frequencies which seriously mess up the mix! :laughing:

With my new speakers in hand I decided to remix my last two projects:

Unrequited Dancing:

Torn Heart*:

Both of these now sound much better - at least to my ears! What do you think?


*I’ve decided I wanted a female vocalist on this one - that’s whay there is currently no singing. If you’d like to sing or sub-vocalise the words are:

v1 & v3
You’re in my heart
Torn apart
Falls apart
Wretched apart to see…
Broken down
Mind’s not sound
Round and round
You’ll see…
Fallen down
Twisted frown
Talking sound
I’ll be…
Just dumbfound
Sorrow bound

Help Me!….

Its love they say
Fades away
Far away
Till the end of me…
It turned around
Broke my ground
Trod me down
To be…
In my state
It equates, illuminates
To me…
Just profound
Lost and Found
Broken down

Help Me!…