[Music Video] Completed Metal Tune in 8.5


Completed this tune using Cubase 8.5. Despite some automation issues and some hang on exit issues I worked through it all.

Played a Roland TD-20 kit into Cubase to trigger Toontrack Metal Machinery SDX. Guitars are all Overloud TH3. So all in the box. Used a bunch of the Slate Digital stuff for mixing (VMR, VBC, VTM). Also a couple Waves odds and ends.

Hi Monkeymanx, enjoyed your tune. Impressed that you played all the instruments including the drums? Sounds great. Keep 'em coming.

Thanks… The drums took the longest to get right. I got through a great take and looked over and the camera had run out of batteries hahahaha… Finally got through it though.

enjoyed your song ,i too are impressed with your musicianship ,well done. i wonder if the batteries ever ran out while someone was making an adult film ,ha ha,probably ,take two.

Hahaha, that could be awkward… Like, we have to call the fluffer back hahaha!!!

Side note, I’m thinking of doing multiple shots at the same time, using my camera as a main and then my iPhone as an alternate shot during the performance. Just have to find a decent stand for the phone.