music xml and beaming

looked through many files in the forum but didn’t seem to see this problem. might have missed it.
when bringing music xml file (particularly large ensemble works) imported to dorico, dorico does not beam the voices together.
all the notes are single note values, looking very strange for instrumental music particularly. all of the layout options, etc show that
beaming should occur. This involves a lot of work to beam an 86 pg score manually. any suggestions? am I doing something wrong?
is there magic dust to help with this, or maybe just a simple fix?

Edit > Preferences > MusicXML Import. Turn OFF “Beam groups”.

For what it’s worth I’ve turned off absolutely every single tick box in this dialog.

To easily fix a project you’ve already imported, select the whole flow (Ctrl+A on Windows, Command-A on Mac) and do Edit > Beaming > Reset Beaming, which should make everything look good.