Music XML from Cubase to Dorico is a nightmare!

Exporting a score made in Cubase to use in Dorico is a nightmare!
No trills, no slurs in some cases, etc. etc. etc.

This doesn’t make sense!

Dorico is Steinberg software.
Cubase is Steinberg software.
Why can’t I use Dorico to complete a score started in Cubase?
Why do files exported with other DAWs work better in Dorico than its Cubase parent?
With Presonus for example, EVERYTHING you write in Studio One gets to Notion!
Please, Steinberg solve these problems that have existed for a long time, otherwise you will make us regret the money spent on the purchase and updating of the two softwares!

I’ve just exported a MusicXML file from Sibelius that contains a slur and a trill (and a couple of notes).
Both come through:

This would indicate that it’s Cubase’s MusicXML export that’s lacking, not Dorico’s MusicXML import… You should post this in the Cubase forum rather than here (edit: I see you have. My point stands - Dorico’s import is just fine.)

Sure, they’re both Steinberg programs but they’re built on different frameworks by completely (well, almost completely!) different teams.

Thanks, I just reported in the Cubase forum too, but there are posts with these errors from 2017 with no solution (not from Cubase to Dorico, but in xml export).

I’m losing hope.

I know that the music team working on features for Cubase has a number of issues relating to MusicXML on their backlog and they will hopefully be able to address these in future. As we bring Dorico and Cubase progressively closer together it should become much easier to transfer notation data from Cubase to Dorico without these kinds of problems.


Hi @dspreadbury and thanks for the reply!
I appreciate the Dorico’s team work and I’m an happy Dorico user switched from Sibelius!
I hope you can work on Cubase score editor not only for MusicXML but also for other important bugs and features.

For example, I can’t understand how it’s possible that the only way to create a glissando in Cubase score editor is what that I show you here: Cubase score editor glissando - YouTube
(a “Note symbol”, no relation with the previus note and no way to connect manually)!
It’s a nonsense and It’s quite unuseful to have that symbol in the palette!

And you can find therads related to this issues from many years ago!

I hope you can help Cubase people to solve those problems so we can use the score editor for working with notation and create a score ready to be printed or completed and engraved in a notation program!!

Hi @ldg75
Dorico and the Score Editor are managed by totally separate teams. I do not think there is any connection between the two.
Glissando is a major shortcoming and has been on the wish list for years. And I agree, it’s a nonsense. Hopefully we’ll get proper Glissando symbols with playback in a future version.

But this is not the right place to discuss about that because, again, Daniel and his team are not involved in the Score Editor development.

Please post any Score Editor related topics here only (“scoring” tag):
Latest scoring topics in Cubase - Steinberg Forums

This is where we usually gather information about Score Editor to transmit to the Cubase Music Team.

Hi @Maestro thanks for the reply!
Agree with you: I had started a thread in Cubase forum.

I’ve replaied here becaouse of this Daniel’s phrase wich let me thing that there is or there will be a conntection between the two teams.

My finger are crossed and I’m waiting for those for these improvements!


Thank you for the information about Steinberg’s internal organization.

As a Steinberg customer and user of the Professional products Dorico, Nuendo, Cubase, WaveLab, Halion, Grove Agent, SpecraLayers and Backbone, I expect a certain consistency between all these software.

It may be that at the moment different teams are developing similar modules, but as a customer I expect a certain networking here. As a user, I don’t care which team is currently working in London or Hamburg, Los Angeles or Tokyo, I don’t need to know that.

I also don’t want to know that any Steinberg internal competition could exist here.

Just so you know, you should work competence oriented and in time you should let the same things be done by the same and suitable team.

That is my opinion about it.

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