music xml import from sibelius 7.5

Hello Daniel,
I’m just getting a blue rectangle when I try to import music xml from sib 7.5. Not sure what the problem is. I tried both compressed and uncompressed xml. Is it a problem with the original file?

I’m finding the same with midi files exported from sibelius. I’m guessing there is a simple answer but I can’t find an answer to this exact problem on the forum in a search for xml.

Please follow the steps in this thread, and then try importing your MIDI and MusicXML files again.

No luck so far. And now I can’t create any new scores. Just the blue rectangle.

Make sure you delete all the files called layoutOptions_whatever.xml in your user application data folder, then quit and restart Dorico.

Many thanks Daniel, that worked nicely. Took me a while to find the application data folder as it was hidden. Got it visible now.