Music xml import won't play back


I have imported a music xml file from another program which has opened fine in Dorico 3.5 as have all of the other music xml files that I have used so far. The file can be edited as normal and individual sounds will play back when selected with the mouse but when I press play at the start of the file the playback line jumps back away from the first beat and the playback counter reads -92516.4.1.000. Playback also doesn’t work from other start positions and I can’t play back any seperate lines. I have never come across this before and I haven’t been able to find an answer by searching so I hope that someone here can help.

Thanks in advance.

Carl Hinde

You’ll probably be asked for a copy of the XML (either posted here or sent directly to Daniel or Ulf) to help them figure out what is happening.
I would have suggested reapplying the Playback Template in Play mode, but the odd counter behavior suggests something else is going on.
Did the original file contain any triplets or other tuplets? That sometimes causes problems with XML imports.

We have seen a couple of problems that can occur with imported files. One thing to look for is a bogus time signature or bar length. So turn on showing of signposts for time signatures and look for anything that looks unexpected, especially at the start of the flow. The other problem can happen if the tempo goes negative, so switch to play mode and in the Time Track look for any values that are close to 0 .

Thanks Derrek and Paul. I had a look at the tempo track in play mode and found that there were overlapping “Calando” markings which brought the tempo down very close to 0 so I deleted them and it works fine now.

Carl Hinde