Music XML

According to the user manual, Cubase supports Music XML and I can import a file using file… Import… Music XML.

Except I don’t see the Music XML option. I’m using Cubase 6.0 Artist. Help?

I’m pretty sure that the “basic” Score functions in Cubase Artist would not make it capable of reading Music XML.
But I do notice that the documentation does not mention “Cubase Only” in the MusicXML section… if I am right, then that is an oversight.

Understood - It should be a lot more clear in the documentation so I waste time looking everywhere for it.

I was a cubase SL3 user that had a very hard time figuring out what product level to buy, and I’m happy with the choice with regard to the listed feature difference, but the devil is in the details, and I really miss a lot of the MIDI tools I used a lot in SL3. Maybe I need to upgrade.

The difference between Cubase 6 Artist>Cubase 6 is much greater than the difference was between SL3>SX3.